Date:December 15, 2013

The current plans for Winter 2013 - (2014?)

Merry Christmas to all of you!

It's time for me to pull out the guns and tell you my current state. I'm going to be honest here. I'm starting to neglect working on my animations and it just getting worse over the time. However there's still hope for at least one last animation for this year. I'm proud to announce you the upcoming Christmas animation in collaboration with many Newgrounds users. 
Newgrounds' Christmas Collab 2013
Some of the 24Frames collab member are returning, but also newcomers are joining for this sweet-tastic project. Animations and also art and music are coming into the mix. The time to work on this one may be a bit short, but I hope we can get it done by Christmas. Well, that's it for 2013. But I want to set some goals for 2014 or else I will just keep slacking off. Now without further ado, let me present you a sneak peak of my plans for 2014.
Cliff - The Gap Leaper
This is going to be another collaboration with Newgrounds. The premise is simple. You are a guy and you have to cross a gap. I can already see the insanity incoming.

Zombies ate my Neighbors V.2.
It seems like that I have to delay this to 2014. If you're are familiar to the V.2. series, then it's self-explanatory on what this is going to be about. For those who don't know, the V.2. series is about a creature that can enter video games from the good ole days and mess it up. It's supposed to be a Halloween 2013 special, but... Yeah, typical me.
Parallel Memories Episode 1-2
Yes, it's still a thing. I still have to conclude that weird episode.
I'm reducing myself to short clips in order to produce more content. Perhaps some 30 second shenanigans would do.
SplatterTV (Game)
A good friend of mine is an excellent programmer. I always wanted to create a game and my friend is making games for quite awhile, so we joined forces and started this project. Details about this game will come...eventually. And that's about it. What do you think of the lineup? Does it sound interesting enough? Of course I can't end a post without a video. Should I post more often for 2014? Tell me in the comments.  

Title: Mr President Gameplay and Commentary 
Created by: penguinz0 Cr1TiKaL  

Post Date: 15th December 2013

Date:November 14, 2013

I'm talking to myself!

[EDIT 1] New additional downloads are available. Get 'em while it's hot!

I've decided to make a demonstration clip of my voice acting skills. My previous attempts were really awkward at best, so I hope I've improved with this one.

Enjoy. Feedback would be nice by the way.

Title: Pkmn2's Voice Demo 2013
Created by: me


Post Date: 14th November 2013

Date:October 30, 2013

No Halloween special?! ;_;

As if!

Unfortunately I won't make it in time on releasing a holiday special animation for this year's Halloween, but that doesn't mean that there's none in the works. I've started development this month, but it's not even near finished.

You may be wondering what I am making.

Well, this movie poster explains it.

It varies from person to person. Some of you may recognize it instantly. Others have no idea.
Either way, it will be one juicy action flick.

At least I can post some Sadako for Halloween. That's always a hit.

Title: ジョイポリスで貞子がUFOキャッチャー!?
Uploaded by: SEGA


Post Date: 30th October 2013

Date:October 07, 2013

Let's p-p-party! Grand opening celebration galore

I want to thank all the people for the feedback. It means so much to me. You people rock!
To keep things interesting I am planning to broadcast "Pokémon Origins" this Friday.


I hope you don't have anything important that day. It's going to be fun. Beverages not included though...
Since the last post wasn't all that long ago, I will just repost this one. It is catchy as hell anyway, so why not?

Title: キタ!【初音ミク Project mirai 2 テーマ曲】アゲアゲアゲイン【フル ver.MV】"Ageage Again"
Uploaded by: Mitchie M


Post Date: 07th October 2013

Date:October 04, 2013

New! Everything is new! I HATE NYU!

If you're one of those people, who hates everything new, then you've got no luck today.

Welcome to my brand new website. Everything you see and click was made by me. I totally want to thank a friend of mine for the voting system and the general database programming part. The website wouldn't look like this without his help.

There's not much to say on my end, so go ahead and explore this small page. I totally welcome any feedback, so...
Please leave a comment for once?

Let's celebrate this brand new start with a brand new song made by MitchieM! MitchieM is absolutely great and you should totally hear his Vocaloid tracks.

Title: キタ!【初音ミク Project mirai 2 テーマ曲】アゲアゲアゲイン【フル ver.MV】"Ageage Again"
Uploaded by: Mitchie M


Post Date: 05th October 2013

Date:September 21, 2013

What a hairy anime

A trailer from TGS2013 caught my interest.
Yes, it was Episode 2 of Phantasy Star Online 2. But it was also this!

Title: Bayonetta: Bloody Fate anime trailer
Uploaded by: Shacknewsgames

I don't know why, but something tells me, that it will be bad. Very bad~
The new homepage is in the works. In case someone is interested...


Post Date: 21st September 2013

Date:September 09, 2013

Working on...something not Flash?

Don't worry. Don't worry.
It may not be Flash-related, but the future of Nintentrix depends on it.

During my vacation I actually took the time and started to check website programming out.

That said, you probably can deduce on what I am working on right now.

Behold! Crawling from the depths of the endless abyss called Internet. The true Nintentrix homepage. Click Ash's dislocated hip to enter.

...It doesn't look like much, does it?

Well, I've finished the main homepage so far and there are 5 more to come. So it will take a while until this thing is going to be public.

I told you it's important.

That's it for now. My final words would be:"Support Mighty No. 9 or you make a loli cry!"

Title: Official Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter Trailer
Uploaded by: touchgameplay


Post Date: 09th September 2013

Date:August 29, 2013

And back again...with a cold and fever

This isn't what I expected when I get home. It makes me wanna go back to USA.

Hi, guys. It has been ages, but I'm back home and ready to do/make stuff. I hope, that I can make something productive until this year's end.

I have made a tons of pictures of my vacation in the US, but since they are rather personal, I can't share them. Sorry about that.

I did A LOT in USA and I've been in so many places, so that I actually forgot which ones exactly.
I've spent a lot of my time in the arcades as well.
I got extremely lucky to play this beauty. Why? Because it disappeared the day after I played it.

Title: Project Diva Arcade - The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku [Extreme]
Uploaded by: lawliet13600

I also played the following arcade games.
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter
  • Elevator Action: Death Parade
  • Time Crisis 4
  • Dance Dance Revolution X3
  • Beatmania IIDX 20 tricoro
  • A bunch of racing games (one of them were Mario Kart GP2 and Sonic & Sega Allstars Racing)
  • Pop'n Music 20 Fantasia (My favorite rhythm-based arcade game so far)
  • Taiko No Tatsujin 12
  • King of Fighters XIII
  • Tatsunoko VS Capcom
  • Super Street Fighter 4
  • Arcana Heart 3
  • Some obscure japanese doujin fighting game
  • Pacman Battle Royale
  • Metal Slug 6 (You could play it for free, lacks music and 2 player mode)
  • Some ticket games (including Super Monkey Ball: Ticket Blitz and Pacman Ticket Edition)
  • Daytona USA 2
  • F-Zero AX (That cabinet was ages old, controls beyond broken)
  • After Burner Climax (Same with F-Zero)
Yeah, that's a short glimpse into my vacation. Enough of this chitchat. I've got work to do.

Here's a video to wrap things up as usual.
I wish I could play Outrun 2 or Ollie King.

Title: Outrun 2006 - Life was a Bore
Uploaded by: MonsterCondo


Post Date: 29th August 2013

Date:June 27, 2013

See you in two months, folks!

Well, summer is finally around the corner.

I'm going to leave my home for quite a while and spend my summer in the United States.
This is good for my body and mind, but bad for everything else.

Date:June 11, 2013

Rock Man in Super Smash Brothers! Please wreck my ass, Nintendo!

Title: Super Smash Bros 4 E3 Official Trailer
Uploaded by: GameXplain

I should have done a live reaction of myself. I wasn't so excited for a game since god knows when. This (and many other games) were simply amazing.

Date:May 28, 2013

Sonic X-Treme is finally seeing daylight

Here's the debut trailer of the upcoming Sonic game for the WiiU (and 3DS)

Title: Sonic Lost Worlds Debut Trailer
Uploaded by: IGNnorance

Date:May 22, 2013

XBOX One reveal in a nutshell

Thanks, Sirkowski.

I was hoping, someone would post this video.

Title: Xbox One Reveal 2013 Highlights
Uploaded by: Darkbeatdk

Date:May 17, 2013

New Sonic Title (and more)

Codename: Sonic Lost World
Get your titties ready. Things just got real. Fo' real!

There are other titles as well, but...

Title: Nintendo Direct Presentation - 17.05.2013
Uploaded by: NintendoUKofficial

Date:April 27, 2013

Is it time to go DESU~ once again?

You won't believe what I saw when I switched my PC on!

Title: TVアニメ「ローゼンメイデン」PV [Rozen Maiden 2013]
Uploaded by: NicoTubeAnime020

Date:April 26, 2013

It's Free! Oh god, what?

If anyone pays attention my website, they probably remember my previous post about Kyoto Animation having a new animation in the works.


Title: SWIMMING ANIME - Ore To Omae No Sa o Oshiete Yaru Yo HD PV
Uploaded by: AppleberryKitty

Well, this video is pretty self-explanatory and very straight-forward.
You people don't want MOE?! Here! I hope, you're satisfied. 'Cause I'm not.

Date:April 23, 2013

Kyoto Animation's new anime

Well, I fixed the issue. Now I have my old and ugly banner back. I hope, you liked the ZONE-themed banner, because you'll never see it ever again.

Back to business.

Kyoto Animation (The guys, who did the Suzumiya Haruhi series, Lucky Star, Full Metal Panic, Nichijou and more) are going to announce a new anime.
Good grief! My backlog is already long enough.
I know jack about it, but you'll hear more infos here.

Click on the picture (or here) to go to the timer

Date:April 19, 2013

Technical ass!

Well, things just go serious.

Blogger decided to be a dick again and now I can't change the banner back to its original state.
Well, I don't mind the ZONE banner, but it's still an issue.

I might have to create my REAL own website, if things go that way.

Date:April 01, 2013

Pkmn2 + ZONE = Fun

NEWS: I've opened a poll. It's about what I should stream next. Please vote! Further details will be released once the poll ended.

Since ZONE is now doing some animation work for the game "Skullgirls", I did his/her (Give me you gender!) news promo for this year's April.

Date:March 07, 2013

Something Flash-related! Strange, isn't it?

NEWS: I've opened a poll. It's about what I should stream next. Further details will be released once the poll ended.

This is nothing of a big deal.
I know, I should actually work on Parallel Memories: Episode 1-2, but I have some issues with myself. I get so easily distracted nowadays. It's not even funny.
Do you guys know any tips on how to make a person concentrate more?

My distraction led me to this.

Logo made by thedevilsgarage

This is the 24 Frames Collab!

It's very simple, yet fun collaboration. Everyone creates an animation, which is exactly 1 second long and runs at 24 FPS.

My contribution to this collab is 2 animations and the menu screen. I'm basically done. The deadline is on 15th March. Probably one week after the deadline will be the release of this.

Here are my parts!

The Power of Pi! (Entry 1) [WARNING! Extremely annyoning!]

Balance (Entry 2)

The menu will be available at release.

Well, that's it for now.
As a bonus, here's a screenshot from "Project Beats"
Pretty dark, eh?

As always, a video at the end of my blog post. This video is about some food from Japan. Hint: It's Sushi.

Title: I Love Sushi Song by Hania
Performed by: Hania

Post Date: February 24th 2013

Date:February 24, 2013

Fighting for everlasting peace since 1987

I've opened a poll. It's about what I should stream next. Further details will be released once the poll ended.

I haven't had the fitting opportunity to celebrate Mega Man's 25th anniversary.
Man, Mega Man has it rough nowadays.
However, this didn't stop people to party hard. So, here's a little something that I want to share to everyone.

This album is made by Sound Holic. Very talented people.

ALBUM NAME: ROCKMAN HOLIC ~ the 25th Anniversary ~
Artist(-s): SOUND HOLIC

Download link

Please support these guys. They deserved it!

Visit their website for more info!

Track List

02. X-Buster
(ロックマンX5より:X vs Zero / Zero Stage 1 / Opening Theme)
Lyrics:Blue E / Rap Lyrics:ナノ / Arrange:8STYLE / Melody Arrange:Nana Takahashi / Guitar:Sub.T

03. Shooting Star
Lyrics:Blue E / Arrange:MasKaleido / Guitar:Josh

04. 黄昏ロンリネス
(ロックマン5より:DARKMAN STAGE)
Lyrics:Blue E / Arrange:709sec. / Guitar:Josh

Lyrics:Blue E / Arrange:panoman / Guitar:Josh

Arrange:8STYLE / Guitar:8STYLE

07. We're The Robots
Lyrics:隣人 (CYTOKINE) / Arrange:隣人 (CYTOKINE) / Guitar:Josh

Lyrics:Blue E / Arrange:709sec.

09. カットマンブルース
(ロックマン1より:CUTMAN STAGE)
Lyrics:Blue E / Arrange:709sec. / Piano:panoman / Guitar:Josh

10. Dr.Wily Numbers 022
Arrange:隣人 (CYTOKINE)

11. Flash in the Dark

Chorus:709sec. / Lyrics:Blue E / Arrange:Josh / Melody Arrange:Nana Takahashi / Guitar:Josh / Other Programming:8STYLE

12. Together As One
(ロックマン2より:Dr.WILY STAGE 1)
Lyrics:ナノ / Arrange:709sec. / Guitar:Josh

(ロックマン5より:Dr.WILY STAGE / LAST BOSS)

14. エアーマンが倒せない (SOUND HOLIC Ver.)

Lyrics:せら、たかにそ / Compose:せら / Arrange:MasKaleido / Guitar:Josh

15. 太陽はいつも君のそばに
(ロックマンX3より:Ending / Cast Roll)
Chorus:709sec. / Lyrics:Nana Takahashi / Arrange:Nana Takahashi / Organ:panoman / Guitar:Josh

Vocal:Nana Takahashi / Rap:709sec.
Lyrics:Nana Takahashi / Compose:GUCCI / Arrange:SHU / Guitar:Josh

Yeah, the Blue Bomber's current state ain't very splendid, but let's see what the future has planned for our hero.
As usual, here's a video to wrap things up.

It's my favourite song from the "Rockman Holic" album.

Title: ROCKMAN HOLIC 『Together As One』 (feat. ナノ) Promotion Video
Uploaded by: flyingDOGch

Post Date: February 24th 2013

Date:February 12, 2013

Ghost in the Shelf: Arise

I have some pictures and infos about the new Ghost in the Shell OVA. Check this out!

You'll get to the joke later. First of all, if you guys haven't seen the official stream yet. eraser uploaded it on NyaaTorrents.

Click here to download the Presentation (Warning: It may be offensive to some viewers)
In case you don't know, you need BitTorrent (or any other similar program) to download this.

Now with that out of the way, let's see some screencaps.


And that's it for now.

There will be 4 50-minute OVAs.

The first part, "Ghost Pain," will be in the Nippon theaters on June 22. If you go there, you can buy a BD copy plus extra stuff at the theaters straight away. The first part's Blu-ray Disc and DVD will be in stores on July 26.

It's a prequel and about a younger Major.

The show's cast:

Maaya Sakamoto as Mokoto Kusanagi
Kenichirou Matsuda as Batou
Tarusuke Shingaki as Togusa
Tomoyuki Dan as Ishikawa
Takurou Nakakuni as Saito
Youji Ueda as Paz
Kazuya Nakai as Borma
Ikkyuu Juku as Daisuke Aramaki

Maaya Sakamoto's voicing Major? No wonder since she voiced the younger version of Major back then.

Anyway, watch the stream. It's hilarious as hell.
Oh right, there's also an upcoming GitS FPS MMO by Nexon.

Here have some pictures. There's no gameplay video whatsoever as far as I can remember.

At last, here are two videos.

The first is the trailer and the second one's the OP. Is the full OP? They said it's a preview of the OP.
I can tell you this though. I'm totally hyped and looking forward to this.

Title: GitS Arise Terrible OP Thingie
Uploaded by: Kagami Sumika

Title: 「攻殻機動隊ARISE」先行PV
Uploaded by: GITSchannel

Post Date: February 12th 2013

Date:January 16, 2013

New "Ghost in the Shell" anime 2013

I don't know much besides...

The subtitle is called "Arise".
It will be released this year.
And Major has a new look.

Ending this post with the GitS:SAC 2nd GIG OP.

Title: Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG Blu-Ray Full Opening
Uploaded by: RetroBleck

Post Date: January 16th 2013