Date:April 27, 2013

Is it time to go DESU~ once again?

You won't believe what I saw when I switched my PC on!

Title: TVアニメ「ローゼンメイデン」PV [Rozen Maiden 2013]
Uploaded by: NicoTubeAnime020

I liked Rozen Maiden, so this I'm really anticipating this one. I totally like Ali Project and I found this one pretty funny actually. An completely unreliable source tells me that this is a reboot. Not sure, what to think about it, but hey.
As long it's good, I don't mind.

...It's going to be good, right?

Click cake for source! It's in moonrunes.

Inb4 motivational pics are for newfags...

Post Date: 26th April 2013

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