Date:December 24, 2012


Merry Christmas and (a Happy New Year) to all of you!

Title: Hatsune Miku - Snow Song Show
Uploaded by: vgperson

Incredible! Another year of christmas or whatever you celebrate! I don't know what to say besides the traditional holiday greetings to you all.
I also wish you happy next year to everyone too.

So, what's the plan for next year?
The heck I know! I'm getting older and probably finish college next year. I dunno what to do after school.
I'll still do some sprite animations, that's for sure. I don't wanna lose my only hobby.
I want to thank my fanbase, because without you guys, I probably just sit in front of the pc doing nothing.

I can probably sum the whole next year up with 3-4 simple terms.
Sprite animation, watching more anime, playing more videogames, being a sucker in life.

And again, happy holidays and I wish a pleasant new year.
Let me end this year with one last video. (besides the one at the top that is)

Yuki Nagato, you're up!
Rock the house, Minorin!

Title: Animax Musix Fall 2011 - 茅原実里 - Paradise Lost
Uploaded by: 分身 影

Oh and a little bonus from my idol animator, ZONE!

Title: ZTV News Short: Christmas 2012
Animation by: ZONE-SAMA
Writing by: BennettTheSage

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Date:December 23, 2012

No, we are not dead

Wow, that was disappointing.

But here's the good news. Since I'm alive, you can look forward to more of my animations.
Hey, just because I haven't made anything for a long time, doesn't mean, that stopped making them.

...Stupid homework. There's so much to do.

Here's a video of Nyanners rapping. Am I posting too much Nyanners lately?

Title: errrbody in the club gettin tipsy ;A; RIP SNOOP DOGG
Uploaded by: NyannersVA

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Date:December 21, 2012

Are we dead yet?

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Date:December 20, 2012

A Cruel Pkmn2's Thesis

[EDIT 1]
Kamen Rider W has been postponed to tomorrow.  You know, when the world end.

Guess who watched Neon Genesis Evangelion? I did.
Did I enjoy it? Errrr...
Did I understand the plot? Errr....

I have here the perfect video that shows, what my brain was processing after watching the series and the movie "End Of Evangelion".

And this video shows a certain reaction to a certain scene, which certainly WAS NOT pleasant AT ALL!

And this video (probably) shows Ran-Cossack's opinion to the series. We watched it together, by the way.

Oh and before I end here, the world ends tomorrow! Yay!

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Date:December 07, 2012

What's the noise?!

You may have noticed some unexpected sound activities lately on this website.

That's because of the video stream. It may seem obvious for you, but it wasn't easy to implement autoplay. It took me awhile to understand the whole thingy, but it was worth the hassle.

But autoplay is not the only thing that has been added to the stream.

The stream now runs in a 16:9 ratio, which wasn't the case before.
However, please keep in mind that the actual content is still in 4:3, because of my computer monitor. (Hell yeah, 1024x768 all the way!)

So what exactly makes it 16:9?
Instead of those boring empty black spaces, I've filled those space with some banners.
I really like them a lot and hopefully you will too.
Either way, enjoy the banners that has been added left and right.

Now. If the stream should run like a drunken old man on a unicycle, then please leave a comment below.

Have fun in stalking~
Oh and here's a screenshot, so you can get an idea on how it looks likes.

Sion is not my main, Brunestud is.

Post Date: December 07th 2012