Date:April 26, 2013

It's Free! Oh god, what?

If anyone pays attention my website, they probably remember my previous post about Kyoto Animation having a new animation in the works.


Title: SWIMMING ANIME - Ore To Omae No Sa o Oshiete Yaru Yo HD PV
Uploaded by: AppleberryKitty

Well, this video is pretty self-explanatory and very straight-forward.
You people don't want MOE?! Here! I hope, you're satisfied. 'Cause I'm not.

Whatever, I have other anime in my backlog anyway.

I watched ZONE's last stream and I must say, that person has an awesome taste for music.
This were one of the many songs from the stream.

Title: DatA - One in a Million
Uploaded by: Daiyousei

Post Date: 26th April 2013

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