Date:August 18, 2010

I'm still working on PM, but BRS first!!!

...Many people will kill me for posting this, but whatever!

Hey guys! I'm gonna contradict my previous post once again by telling what I think about:

I completely forgot about it, because of various other things, mainly because of Parallel Memories.
(I hate you guys. lol)
But anyways, I went to NyaaTorrents and downloaded the whole thing.

What can I say about this?

It's wicked. The whole plot is hard to digest, but you will get it after watching the whole thing.
How did my friend put it?

"random fight scenes that don't make any sense - bullshit forced drama - POWER OF FRIENDSHIP YAY - open end - nobody knows whats going on"
~ _
(^Thanks for reminding BRS. lol)

Or something like that.
I expected way too much. >_>

But in my opinion, it has its unique style. I can't recall any anime that constantly switches the plot.
(I repeat, I can't recall any)
present-etc. or was it present-future-present-future-etc.?

The whole thing IS understandable if you have any braincells left inside your head. (that after-credits scene...)
The designs are cool. You have to love those checkered scenery and BRS herself is also awesome.
The animation is fluent enough.
The BGM is totally great. 'Nuff said. =P
The fight scenes? I wished they were a bit longer.

So if this is too much to read, then read this:

My ratings:
Story: 6/10 (Come to think of it. We don't know the name of Takanashi's alternate)
Art: 9/10 (Checkered scenery and background are all nice)
Music: 10/10 (By Ryo...need I say more?)
Fights: 8/10 (As I said before, I wished they were a bit longer)

Overall: 8,3/10
An okay animation, an awesome soundtrack, but weird executed storyline and short fight scenes.

My opinions, my ratings.
Got a problem? Then go to /a/. T_T

Here's hoping for a second OVA of Black Rock Shooter though! =P
Come on, tell us more about BRS' powers and stuff. =D

Title: 合唱 初音ミクオリジナル「BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER」- Black Rock Shooter - Nico Nico Chorus
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PS.: BRS is done. Back to PM, I guess. You happy? T_T

Post Date: August 18 2010