Date:December 26, 2008

V.2 Section is now available

The "V.2" Section can now be visited.

And my newest movie is also available in Newgrounds.
Link can be found under the "V.2" Section in "Flash Movies"

Me and Ran-Cossack are still working on Parallel Memories.
Arigato to Rina-Chan for doing some voice-acting for the series.
Can't wait to hear her as May. :D

This is my final post this year, I think so...
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, folks! ;D
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Post Date: December 30 2008

Date:December 14, 2008

What the hell?!?!


Those freakin' stealers


A for-me-unknown-language website stole my movie "Mario VS Sonic".
Any idea what kind of language that is?

Funny, that a movie of mine gonna get stolen. XD

According to the website in got 62.5% thumbs up and the rest (37.5 %) are thumbs down.
Thanks, but still...

Don't steal under's work!
You too, YouTube >=(

Ps: You can post comments below every post!
For some reason, you can't post comments if you are in the main page.
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Post Date: December 14 2008

Date:December 12, 2008


I sort everything into sections, so that it looks nicer.
Navigation can be found right.

YAY! In a few weeks is Chrismas! (12 days to be exact)
After I celebrate chrismas I finally have time to work on my movies 24 hours a day XD. (Just joking, lol)
It means, the progress can be at 5 % if everything goes right!

Tip: You can post comments below every post!
For some reason, you can't post comments if you are in the main page.
You have to click on the title first, then you can post comments.

Oh and for something new:
Pkmn2's random discovery in YouTube
Title: もってけ!セーラーふく HIPHOP Remix

Post Date: December 9 2008

First Post

Well, don't expect much here XD

Welcome to my spot.

This is now my official Homepage.

All my movies are going to be here (only infos and screenshots, movie itself still in Newgrounds)
But that's not all...
Previews, Beta stuff and so on are also here to found.

I don't like the forums in Newgrounds much.

They are always so... strange.
And I always wanted to have my own "website".
Oh and some random things are also gonna be here.

Okay not really "random", mostly anime, mangas or reviews about certain things too.

For my first post, I gonna tell you more about "Parallel Memories", my most recent project!

No... I'm not gonna tell anything about it yet. This is "staff" for the meantime:
  • Executive Producer: Pkmn2
  • Storyline: Pkmn2
  • Storyline Refinement: Ran-Cossack
  • Dialogue: Pkmn2
  • Dialogue Refinement: Ran-Cossack
  • Sound Director and Editor: Pkmn2
  • Animator: Pkmn2
  • Character Design: Pkmn2
  • Pkmn2 as Marichu
  • Ran-Cossack as Psypher
  • Rina Chan as May
We are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year!!!.... Just joking.xD
Our progress are currently very slow but hey, Rome wasn't build in a day, right?

Anyways, thanks if you would like to help me with the animating and such, but that is my job. I want to improve my animating and editing skills, but thanks for those who may offer any way.

But if you are interested in voice acting, we are accepting auditions. You don't have to be a trained professional, either.(Cossack and I are doing voice acting for the first time ourselves, after all.)

We will (Mostly) have roles available, so don't be shy and email me if you like.

We currently need:
  • Elder (male, everything else is irrelevant. You should at least sound like an old man)
  • Male Scientist 1
  • Male Scientist 2
  • Female Scientist
We originally planned to have them played by myself(Pkmn2), Ran Cossack, and Rina Chan, but you can still audition for one of the roles, if you like. Thats all the positions available for now, though.

LOL, for a first post, I've actually written quite alot! =D If you read this to the end, thank you very much for your time and attention.

Post Date: December 9 2008


Any questions, fan-mails, etc.?
Here the addresses:










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Parallel Memories

This is the "Parallel Memories" Section!

Everything about the production, informations about the characters, general infos and maybe small previews can be found here.
Questions and Answers are here to found)

Episodes Listing

Episode 0: The Teaser
Episode 1: The Beginning

The current team members

Pkmn2 (Ultra Director, Animator, semi-advanced Voice Actor)
Ran-Cossack (Rewriter, semi-advanced Voice Actor)
Rina Chan (High-advanced Voice Actress =
(High-advanced Voice Actor =D)
Corsarou (Manga Drawer, Semi-advanced Voice Actor)
VaughnJohnson2000 (semi-advanced Voice Actor)

  • Executive Producer: Pkmn2
  • Animator: Pkmn2
  • Character Design: Pkmn2
  • Storyline: Pkmn2
  • Storyline Refinement: Ran-Cossack
  • Dialog: Pkmn2
  • Dialog Refinement: Ran-Cossack
  • Sound Director and Editor: Pkmn2
  • Pkmn2 as Marichu
  • Ran-Cossack as Psypher
  • Rina Chan as May
  • Omahdon as Jan
  • Corsarou as Robotto
  • VaughnJohnson2000 as the main villain (name not yet announced in public ^^)
Promotion Art

This pic is maybe dead



Real Name: Mark Anthony Beringuel
Real I-net Name: Pig Kannon Mega Neutron 2 aka Pkmn2
(Yes, this was my name from the whole beginning, no kidding!)
Origin of I-net Name: Super Mario Bros. 2 aka Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: July 8 1992
Nationality: Austrian
Born in: Austria
Languages: German, English, Tagalog
Favourite food: Asian specialties
Favourite Band: Crush 40, L'Arc~en~Ciel
Favourite anime: The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
Favourite anime character (currently): Yuki Nagato (TMoSH)
Favourite anime character (long): Mireille Bouquet, Najica Hiiragi (Noir, Najica)
First anime ever: Najica Blitz Tactics
Inspired to make Flash Movies: Randy Solem aka VGDC (what's he doing nowadays =|)
...Never mind. ;_;

Real Name: Anthony Christopher Poe
Origin of I-net Name: Booyaka!
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: May 30 1988
Nationality: California
Born in: California
Languages: English
Favourite food: Pasta
Favourite Band: Weird Al Yankovich
Favourite anime: Outlaw Star
Favourite anime character: Kisuke Urahara
First anime ever: Ronin Warriors

Rina Chan
can be found under "bio"

can be found under "about me"

-unavailable- =P

-unavailable- =P

-unavailable- =P

Flash Movies

Flash Movies
(sorted by release date)

24Frames Collab
- Won Daily 5th in Newgrounds

LOL Runner
- Won Daily 2nd in Newgrounds

- Appeared on the frontpage of Newgrounds



- Won Daily 5th in Newgrounds

Date:December 11, 2008

V. 2

This is the "V. 2" Section!

It's about a creature, which has the ability to change the past videogame-generation.

Name: Curse-R
Abilities: Change objects and living creatures into better one.
objects and living creatures and make clones.
Completely erase
objects and living creatures.
Characteristics: Naive, Self-confident
Purpose: Unknown

Curse-R's visited Areas

Ghosts 'n Goblins