Date:January 28, 2009

Homepage Update =D

Woah! This update was exhausting. What are the updates, you ask?

1) "Waiting Marichu and May" Loader
Everytime you load a page of mine, Marichu and May are sitting there at the top-right until the page is finished.

2) Subscription!
God! This subscription thing was sure complicated. Can be found under the voting panel!
If you don't know what a subscription, then click on the link. =D

3) Several adds
Updated some things like putting Omahdon in the crew list.

Current Parallel Memories Status: at least 12 %, I guess...
Free roles, free roles, get them while they're hot. XD
No, seriously, if you want to play a role as voice-actor/actress, mail me.
List of free roles
No professional skills required!

Post Date: January 28 2009

Date:January 04, 2009

Rockin' Kickstart

I hope you a better year and let's start the year with a rockin' kickstart! XD

And there are still free roles to give for "Parallel Memories: Episode 1", so don't be shy and contact me.
I may even post a trailer only available here one day, so stay tuned. I'll promise I won't disappoint you. Well, depends on your taste of movies =P.

Oh before I forget, the Parallel Memories Section has been updated.
Omahdon joined us! Man, this will be great! YAY! \^o^/

[Small Update]
Once again a site who stole a movie from me. This time: "Street Fighter 2 Turbo V.2"
It's a different website and unlike "Mario VS Sonic" it's an english-speaking website
I contacted the webmaster himself. I'll let him post the video there.
Promotion won't kill anyone anyway.

Title: メタル布教活動としてHungryDaysのギターを弾いてみた
Artist: don't know?!?! =P (Maybe it's written in the title but I can't read JAPANESE)

Post Date: January 10 2009