Date:August 08, 2012

Shortest blog post yet... not anymore

I'm finally done with LOL Runner. To be honest, I ran out of ideas after 6 skits or so.
The ending is so out of place, yet it fits in somehow. (Don't question my logic)

I've never expected it to score so well though. Thanks everyone for the support! You guys rock!

Title: LOL Runner
Producer: Pkmn2
Sprites/Sound/Music: Various (Giving credit to everyone for everything)

And that was LOL Runner. Now to next thing.

I opened a stream for a reason that isn't known yet. It shows everything I do on my PC.
I might make a schedule tonight of what I will stream, so keep track of the website.

And that's that. The link to the stream is here by the way and over there at the right.
Just click the TV and you're good to go.

Post Date: August 08th 2012