Date:October 04, 2013

New! Everything is new! I HATE NYU!

If you're one of those people, who hates everything new, then you've got no luck today.

Welcome to my brand new website. Everything you see and click was made by me. I totally want to thank a friend of mine for the voting system and the general database programming part. The website wouldn't look like this without his help.

There's not much to say on my end, so go ahead and explore this small page. I totally welcome any feedback, so...
Please leave a comment for once?

Let's celebrate this brand new start with a brand new song made by MitchieM! MitchieM is absolutely great and you should totally hear his Vocaloid tracks.

Title: キタ!【初音ミク Project mirai 2 テーマ曲】アゲアゲアゲイン【フル ver.MV】"Ageage Again"
Uploaded by: Mitchie M


Post Date: 05th October 2013


  1. testing ur comment system. is all allright?

  2. Nicely done I like it. Any more updates in the future?

    1. I'll post about random things every now and then.
      There will be a "picture/video of the week" every week at the "Weekly" corner.

      I think I have all the features that I wanted, so I don't really know what to add anything else to this site.