Date:April 18, 2011

Streets of Rage Remake and a screenshot of my collab entry

Remember the time where Beat-em-ups were good?
I can only remember the frustration that my friend and I had. We hate friendly fire.
Anyway, I have no idea how I missed this game, since it was on progress for 8 whole years.
The fan-game is called "Streets of Rage Remake".

If you the original games with passion, then this game is pretty much the best thing that will ever happen to you. (Since Sega sucks these days and pretty much threw this game away)
It has everything. Many people are involved during the production, a perfect soundtrack made from fans, all stages from past "Streets of Rage" games are in
including few new ones, all characters are available also including few new ones and so on.
And keep in mind, this game was made by FANS not Sega. Everything you see, hear, play is made from scratch.

Look at Axel! He kicks so much ass

God damn, they poured their souls into this game. I had 8 hours gameplay in my FIRST time. This game is THAT great. You can play with friends, play alone or play alone with an AI. The AI is also adjustable, so if you want it to be stupid, then so be it.

However, Sega is ass once again and removed the website. Who cares anyway, the game is fully done, so check it out here.

Download as .torrent
Download as....yeah DDL, I guess.

(Is that big enough? I know people rarely read anything)
I wish, they will get something though. Eight years of development, that's very passionate.

Anyway, now that's done.
If you paid attention to my previous post (discounting my hentai phase), then you may know that I was working on a collab entry for some StreetFighterxMortalKombatxKingOfFightersxSuperSmashBrothers collab thingy.
Here are some screen-shots.
When it will be out, that is something I don't know. I'm not the leader after all. Deadlines are pretty much useless.
The original deadline was actually yesterday.

As you can see this is Cammy and Mai. Play some fighters if you don't know who is whoYou know, I want another Capcom VS SNK
Are we finished yet? You must be pretty bored, if you hover over random pics

I'm finished now. It's so sunny today, I will eat an ice cream now.

Oh right nearly forgot a video... Let's see...
Meh, I'll take this one, because I freaking like Haruhi. The embedding is strange nowadays.

Title: holy shit i actually made a video
Posted By: StarRodMan

Post Date: April 18th 2011

Date:April 07, 2011

I give up on H-games

Too much loli. Never thought that making H-games was so....
Oh well. I guess, I'll do sprite animations instead.

Where to start...

I found this "Parallel Memories: Episode 1" and "Super King Of Street Kombat" folders on my PC and a text file with the title "LOL Runner: Ideas".
Super King Of Street Kombat?
What a wierd name.
Oh god, I totally forgot about this one.
Back to work.

By the way, the BGM that played during the 1st April week was this.
But don't bother finding the full version. There's none.

I've also heard a few complains, that ZONE's flash with Horo (Horo, Koro, what's the deal) won't start.
Well, dunno what you guys are saying. Works fine for me.
You're the best, ZONE.

Title: Kangoku Senkan - Prison Battleship OP / PIXY
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Post Date: April 7th 2011

Date:April 01, 2011

Spice and Wolf: Horo the Wise [H-Game]

Well, look at that.

ZONE did it again, this time with "Spice and Wolf". Check out ZONE's newest flash H-game.
Exclusively here on Nintentrix, because I'm worthy and the others aren't.

Thanks, ZONE!!! We all love you!! \^0^/

(Due to exclusively exclusiveness, you have to click HERE)

Hmmm... Well, I might join the H-game business aswell. I'll quit sprites and do Loli H-Games instead.
Here's what I've done so far. (Click on pic for more)

Post Date: April Ist 1102