Date:April 04, 2010

4th April... April Fool's Trilogy Over!


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Already over 10.000 hits? Wow.

Seriously, don't ask why.
God, I hated that song...
Now that's done, it's time to go back to animating.

However, I just got Pokémon: Soul Silver Edition.
You may say now: "Wut? Pokemon? Arn't 'cha too old 4 dat gaem? Hahaha! Pkmn2 playin' kiddie gaems! n00b!"
Hey, I didn't play Silver/Gold/Crystal(?) yet. I'm THAT serious!
Yeah, you heard me right.
So that's why, I'll play this remake to finally end this! After that I won't play any Pokémon games ever. (No guarantee to that)

The remake is fun. All this fancy new stuff. And it's 3D-ish! OMGBBQWTF!
And all those new/old attacks I don't know about. >_>


Anyway, that's all for today.


By the way, anyone playing Tatsunoko VS Capcom?
I'm up for a battle. >=B
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Title: Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes (Not the WII-version ;D)
Posted by: PantherCaruso

Post Date: April 4 2010

Date:April 01, 2010