Date:January 27, 2012

A hero returns...

Yes! YES! The time has come. For us, Mega Man fans!
After several cancelled games
he finally returns as a fully playable PS3-exclusive character called "Street Fighter CROSSU Tekken"!

Doesn't he look great?! He looks better than ever. Full of glory and strength.

Let us see the outstanding trailer of his glorious return as real fighter!

Wasn't it a glorious footage of our hero? Haha. Just joking.
As you can see here, it's the old US box art Mega Man (with a few added kilos)

He's actually a very funny entry, but they shouldn't have him as a PS3-exclusive. Kinda sad.
He looks very fun to play and has great VA at that. Too bad, that it's not any other Mega Man, but I don't care anymore at this point. It's also funny to know that it was Inafune's decision.
Oh well, it's a very welcome comeback and...

Huh? What 'cha saying? Read the character biography of Mega? Hmm, okay let me have it then.

Mega Man
Middle Aged Hero!

Known as a Digger, a person who digs up relics from the past for research. He is a hot-tempered man, but has a strong sense of justice and is also very polite. His weak point is that he is easily rattled when backed into a corner. He is always running around in a hurry due to the demands of his partner Roll, and this time he’s been asked to travel to Antarctica to retrieve a mysterious box.








Post Date: January 28th 2012