Date:December 30, 2009

Sonic Battle: Collab is out

The release of the Sonic Battle: Collab has finally arrived. So what are you waiting for?
Click the Sonic Battle: Collab logo to watch it.
Be nice, vote 5 and add this to the Sonic collection.

Logo made by me! (Believe or not) XD
Click here to check, how many people already watched it.

What? You don't know how to vote or how to add this to the Sonic Collection?
Well, there's a bar with 5 heads. Click the one with the 5 on it. Done. You just voted 5.

v Here's a picture of the vote bar. v

Next the addition to the Sonic Collection.
Keep in mind, that you'll need a Newgrounds account to do this.
This one is a bit complicated, so I'll try my best to explain.

If you scroll a bit down, you will find this.
Help this author!
* Recommend this for a collection
Click that and then you'll see a lot of check boxes.
Find the one with "Sonic The Hedgehog" (Pro Tip: Find it via Ctrl + F and type "Sonic")
Make a check, scroll down and click "Submit to Collection".

Done. You just suggested it for the collection.

I hope, you'll like it. Also be sure to read the warning.
Very important stuff.
Now with that out of the way, time to continue Parallel Memories: Episode 1. =P

Post Date: December 30 2009

Date:December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Time to get your presents, eat your cookies and afterwards ride on a flying reindeer to kill everyone with a shotgun, then it's Christmas! =D

I'll be away for a week, so have fun drinking, eating or tearing your presents apart.
After that week, I'll continue working on PM. The last 2 weeks before 24th were a pain, so there was zero progress.
Also the "Sonic Battle: Collab" will be released soon. I have to wait for Wade's response and if that comes, then you can finally watch it.

I've submitted my very first picture to the Art Portal. Click this link to see it.

It's a "Merry Christmas" picture ala Nintentrix. ;D

Well, that's all. I wish you merry Christmas and also a happy New Year.
I hope, I'll get a PET with Marichu.EXE this time, so I can beat the heck out of Forte.EXE.
(Hohohoho. Merry Christmas to you, Rn-Cssck)

The following video is a tribute to Tissue-Hime. I can only say: Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but in the very next day... I took it back and ran away. =P
But still, you're the greatest on the bass. ;D

Artists: 王族BAND

Post Date: December 24 2009

Date:November 22, 2009

Homepage Update!!!

Oh man! Not much time!
Have no time!

Anyway, it's time for another Homepage Update:

More download-able stuff
3 Character Albums from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Season 2
my Flash movies!

Yes, you read it right. You can download my Flash movies!
All can be found in the Download section. Don't forget to seed. ;D

New Poll
A new poll has been set. I think it's important.
And it's a good one after all.
Don't miss it.

News about Parallel Memories?
...Let's say, I'm hurrying. >_>
I'm kinda busy, so I hope it won't influence the episode too much.

That's all.

The following video is good for Touhou fans or people with a great humor.
It may not be funny for most of you, but I liked it. Very funny.
Not suited for "only Sonic/Mario" fans.

Title: 東方M-1ぐらんぷり: Witch Doll / Touhou M-1: Witch Doll (Real Estate Agency)
Artist: People who made "Touhou M-1 Grandprix"? XD

Post Date: November 22 2009

Date:October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Today is the day with ghosts and such, right?
Well, as I expected nothing happens for me. ;_;

Nah, just kidding. XD

I'll go out and have a party with others. If a LAN-Party counts as a party though.
If you're reading this you should also go out and have some fun too. Doesn't matter how, just go outside and have some fun.

Parallel Memories is progressing slow as always, since I'm too stupid to realize that I have 8 weeks left to finish this.
A-Anyway, Sonic Battle: The Collab on the other hand is progressing fast.
Menu is more or less done. 6 out of 11 have submitted his part and Biography is sorta ready.

It may finish within a week or even less, if I get the other parts. But its the other's decision. I'm not the collab leader.

That's all for now and I wish you a happy fearsome Halloween! *-insert-evil-laughter-here-*

And today there is not only one, no, this time there's two videos to watch. Both are great.

The following video is a music remix from a bullet hell shooters series called: Touhou Project also known as Project Shrine Maiden, which is made BY ONLY ONE PERSON. The creator's nickname is ZUN and does everything alone. Graphics, Music and most of the Programming.
ZUN is truly fantastic and I love his works/games.

Title: 霊知の太陽信仰でメタルっぽい何か
Original: 霊知の太陽信仰 ~ Nuclear Fusion (Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion)

Artist: MasamiT

Title: When Crooks Laugh (ペテン師が笑う頃に)
Artist: Nashimoto-P

Post Date: October 31 2009

Date:September 08, 2009

SoBa Collab Deadline, Parallel Memories cont., School

Finally finished my part for the Sonic Battle Collab. It's already due deadline, anyway. So it's gonna be out sooner or later. So stay tuned for my part. (Totally worth watching)

Especially my second part. (I made 2 parts)
I did that one in 1 week. But even in that short amount of time, I can make awesome flashes. =D

Anyway, about Parallel Memories.
Since I finished my "training", I finally got my skills back. So now I gonna do Parallel Memories ep. 1 for the rest of the year.

Gonna finish it this year, so stay tuned. =)

Oh and in Vienna, school started yesterday....wuhu. -_-

That's all for today and here's.....uhm....some....uhm.....some random fail stuff. Enjoy! =D

Title: Q and A Fail
By: FailBlog

Post Date: September 08 2009

Date:August 07, 2009

I'm back, but Parallel Memories still on hold. -_-;

Hey, guys!

I'm back and you thought will continue doing Parallel Memories, right?


Sorry, you thought wrong, if that's the case. =(
I'm exhausted and out of training, so I'll do some follow-up training, by joining the "Sonic Battle Collab".

Logo made by me! (Believe or not) XD

Anyway, click the logo, to check the Newgrounds thread, for further infos.
After this, I will continue Parallel Memories and hopefully finish it this year. lol

Wow, I have so many VA for this. XD
But I still need someone for Jan's Mom, so don't be shy and contact me. ^^
Here are the minimum expectations:

Jan's Mom ---------
Minimum Expectations:
Lady-like, female (lol, except you can voice exactly like a woman)

Here are the people, who are VA several roles:

Male Scientist 1
Male Scientist 2
Female Scientist 1

That's all for the meantime, so have fun watching this neat mashup made by Newbiespud.

Title: Un-Gravitify Electro Remix (Mashup)
Artist: Newbiespud

Post Date: August 07 2009

Date:June 23, 2009

I'm on vacation, Parallel Memories on hold

Finally! My well-earned summer vacation arrives!
After those whole learning, getting the fear of not passing tests and mind-breaking lessons, I can finally rest.

Sorry guys, but I'll be not at home for a month, so Parallel Memories is, starting today, on hold.
Don't worry, as soon as I come back home, I'll continue it.
I made a lot of progress since last time, but it's still far from complete.
I realize now, that making decent animations is kinda hard and time-consuming. XD
Especially, if gets to the making/editing of sprites. It's not as easy as it looks.

Oh and don't forget to watch the second season of "The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi". =3
The second episode and the whole new opening is here, so have fun.

Anyway, I wish you all a relaxing summer. It's beach time. =D

^ Let me qoute (from Travis Touchdown): 'MOE~' ^

Post Date: June 23 2009

Date:May 22, 2009

Woho!!! 2nd Season of Haruhi is here! \(^o^)/

Don't worry! I haven't watched it yet. I'll wait until it's subbed. (I hate it, if I don't understand things) =P
I've found a list of when they are going to be released, for those, who can't wait or can understand japanese:
  • 21/05 #08 Sasanoha Rhapsody
  • 18/06 #12 Endless Eight
  • 25/06 #13 Suzumiya Haruhi no Tameiki 1
  • 02/07 #14 Suzumiya Haruhi no Tameiki 2
  • 09/07 #15 Suzumiya Haruhi no Tameiki 3
  • 14/08 #20 Suzumiya Haruhi no Soushitsu 1
  • 21/08 #21 Suzumiya Haruhi no Soushitsu 2
  • 28/08 #22 Suzumiya Haruhi no Soushitsu 3
  • 03/09 #23 Suzumiya Haruhi no Soushitsu 4
  • 10/09 #24 Hitomebore LOVERS
  • 17/09 #25 Yukiyama Shoukougun 1
  • 24/09 #26 Yukiyama Shoukougun 2
  • 01/10 #27 Neko wa doko itta?
  • 08/10 #28 Soushitsu no Gojitsu
I don't know if they are real, but we'll see.
I'm planing to post the subbed versions here, once it's working. Ahhh, since we're talking about downloading stuff, the 'Download' Section still WiP. But it is accessible now, so have fun.

Same with everything else.
Parallel Memories itself is currently on hold because of school things. It's totally exhausting now, because it's near the end of my school year.

I won't be here for one month during the summer vacation, so I'll try my best to progress that episode as far as possible. XD

Title: Parallel Memories: Teaser
Author: Pkmn2
Sprites: Members of: The Spriter's Resource, The Mystical Forest Zone, Mario Fan Games Galaxy
Voices: Pkmn2, Ran-Cossack, Omahdon, Rina-Chan, Corsarou
Sound: DBZ Series, XiaoXiao Series, etc.

All Haruhi Character Songs are available in the Download section, to celebrate the 2nd season of Haruhi Suzumiya.
More updates coming soon! And here is Minori Chihara: Paradise Lost! Have Fun ;D

Title: Paradise Lost
Artist: Minori Chihara

Post Date: May 22 2009

Date:February 27, 2009

YAY! More Space!

Okay! As you can see I've got now A LOT of space!
Well, it will come in handy one day. It's simply awesome. XD

It was just the beginning of this update!
The download links are working and I'm currently working on the Download Section.
What should I post there anyway? =P

You could suggest me some animes and I can put the .torrent files then.
I won't post apps, games, roms, hacks maybe, no cracks, no keygens...
Don't want to turn my page into a warehouse. =P

I'll put (starting now) a "Post A Comment" Button! Now you don't have to do those confusing tasks anymore.

A new header is also there, since the blog size has been increased and a new poll has been started.
Those games aren't released yet in Europe. (except SF IV)
I can't play Street Fighter IV on a console, so I have to play it on PC. Lucky that I've got a gamepad. =D

And, no! I've not forgotten the series and flash movies.
In fact, I just finished one! You will now see the first flash movie on my homepage!
Have Fun! =D

Title: Marichu VS Curse-R G-Form (Dragon Ball Style?!?!)
Author: Pkmn2
Sprites: Members of: The Spriter's Resource, The Mystical Forest Zone, Mario Fan Games Galaxy
Sound: DBZ Series, Sonic the Hedgehog Series, etc.
Music: Sonic Riders

Errr...anything else?

Oh since I'm a big anime fan and a Haruhiist, here's an awesome mix from Nico Nico Douga.
(I bet this isn't made by a YouTuber) XD

Title: Yuki, Muon, Sailor Fuku
Artist: Don't know =P (Not written in the description)

Post Date: February 23 2009

Date:February 23, 2009

Curse you, Macromedia!

Damn it! Okay, I've got bad news!

There's this annoying glitch in Flash 8 Professional (Yes, Flash 8 Pro belongs to Macromedia)
Dunno if the newer versions already fixed that, so if you know, please comment this post.
(Click below to post a comment)
The problem is, that if a flash movie extends 10 000 frames, it starts losing the sound syncro.
The music goes crazy after a few frames.
In the timeline it's everything okay.


Currently 10965 frames (still increasing)
Everything is on Stream
Settings: Override everything's settings with MP3 | 56 or 64 kbps | Stereo
Audio themselves: WAV | 44100 Hz | Stereo | 16 Bit

Anyway, because of this, I can't continue Parallel Memories for the meantime.
Oh and yes, I tried asking people. They responded but not really helpful solutions. But it's okay, since it's Newgrounds Forums we're talking about. =P

I'm trying to ask more professional website for this. In the meantime...
Wait and hope. =P

So that's the bad news! =P

The good news is, that I'll post some anime stuff into my space. XD
I'm currently researching how to make download buttons and make files downloadable.
For example:

And I will make some short movies, so that I won't lose my awesomeness. XD
Don't worry, I'll post them in NG one day.

Post Date: February 23 2009

Date:January 28, 2009

Homepage Update =D

Woah! This update was exhausting. What are the updates, you ask?

1) "Waiting Marichu and May" Loader
Everytime you load a page of mine, Marichu and May are sitting there at the top-right until the page is finished.

2) Subscription!
God! This subscription thing was sure complicated. Can be found under the voting panel!
If you don't know what a subscription, then click on the link. =D

3) Several adds
Updated some things like putting Omahdon in the crew list.

Current Parallel Memories Status: at least 12 %, I guess...
Free roles, free roles, get them while they're hot. XD
No, seriously, if you want to play a role as voice-actor/actress, mail me.
List of free roles
No professional skills required!

Post Date: January 28 2009

Date:January 04, 2009

Rockin' Kickstart

I hope you a better year and let's start the year with a rockin' kickstart! XD

And there are still free roles to give for "Parallel Memories: Episode 1", so don't be shy and contact me.
I may even post a trailer only available here one day, so stay tuned. I'll promise I won't disappoint you. Well, depends on your taste of movies =P.

Oh before I forget, the Parallel Memories Section has been updated.
Omahdon joined us! Man, this will be great! YAY! \^o^/

[Small Update]
Once again a site who stole a movie from me. This time: "Street Fighter 2 Turbo V.2"
It's a different website and unlike "Mario VS Sonic" it's an english-speaking website
I contacted the webmaster himself. I'll let him post the video there.
Promotion won't kill anyone anyway.

Title: メタル布教活動としてHungryDaysのギターを弾いてみた
Artist: don't know?!?! =P (Maybe it's written in the title but I can't read JAPANESE)

Post Date: January 10 2009