Date:July 19, 2012

Summer... So hot...

Pah, the heat is killing me!
Hey, guys! I'm back. So a lot of stuff happened. I got some great 3DS games for my birthday. Kid Icarus Uprising, Shinobi and Cooking Mama 4. (Don't ask)

Kid Icarus: Uprising is really great, which surprises me. I played the original when I was little and I hated it. I assumed it to be the same game only in HD or something, but it's totally different.
Anyway, I played it and it rocks. Makes me wanna play the original again. I like how the characters in the game keep bashing the 4th wall. I think, it's hilarious as hell.

I would totally recommend it to other people.

I haven't tried Shinobi yet. I liked the one on the Game Gear. We'll see...

Cooking Mama 4 is the same shit as always. Period.

Back to animating.

I finished 3 skits so far for "lol runner". I hope, I can make a steady progress.
You may ask: "Why the heck are you using Lode Runner as your next project?"

...Beats me.

Err... Here! Have a video!

Title: VAGINA!
Uploaded by: nutsVSguts

Post Date: July 19th 2012