Date:September 10, 2011

No Summer = School

Summer goes, school comes.
I hate the circle of my current life, but that's how it is. My animations-skills are sorta fading away, so I'll try to keep my head up by joining a few collaborations.
Let us list them up, shall we?

Mario's Castle Collab 2
The collab leader is Travis and he seems an okay guy, but kinda harsh to others. Can't blame him though. If he wants "quality" animations then so be it.
I actually wanted to be in the previous Mario's Castle Collab, but that didn't work. But I got a fixed position in the sequel, so it doesn't really matter now.
The main idea is tributing the original movie made by Bigfoot3290.
Why I joined this? Dunno, I just saw the collab in the Newgrounds forum and took it.
Am I going to take it over? No. (What kind of a question is THAT?!)
How am I contributing? Just doing 2-3 parts for it and done.

Holy Sprites 3
The collab leader is Sunrie.
I don't know much about him, but I like his work.
What's the motto of his collab, you ask? Random
Absolutely random, but be original at the same time.
I can already tell that this one will be one heck of a collab. See his previous collabs for more. [1] [2]

Super King Of Street Kombat(Collab)
Well, bullbutt.
TheSpritas is a wierd bunch. I think it's dead or something, since I get responds or anything from them. *sigh*
I'll keep my part until the end of the year. If I still get nothing from them, then I'll declare it dead and post it as it is in Newgrounds.

That's all.
IRL things got bad for me too, since I have to repeat a year in school due to a failed subject.


The video for today: Something old with something new
That's my current situation, so why not?

Title: 【AMV】 パンティ&ストッキングwithガーターベルト 「STOMP TO MY BEAT」
Made by: SeiuchiJP

Post Date: September 10th 2011