Date:March 07, 2013

Something Flash-related! Strange, isn't it?

NEWS: I've opened a poll. It's about what I should stream next. Further details will be released once the poll ended.

This is nothing of a big deal.
I know, I should actually work on Parallel Memories: Episode 1-2, but I have some issues with myself. I get so easily distracted nowadays. It's not even funny.
Do you guys know any tips on how to make a person concentrate more?

My distraction led me to this.

Logo made by thedevilsgarage

This is the 24 Frames Collab!

It's very simple, yet fun collaboration. Everyone creates an animation, which is exactly 1 second long and runs at 24 FPS.

My contribution to this collab is 2 animations and the menu screen. I'm basically done. The deadline is on 15th March. Probably one week after the deadline will be the release of this.

Here are my parts!

The Power of Pi! (Entry 1) [WARNING! Extremely annyoning!]

Balance (Entry 2)

The menu will be available at release.

Well, that's it for now.
As a bonus, here's a screenshot from "Project Beats"
Pretty dark, eh?

As always, a video at the end of my blog post. This video is about some food from Japan. Hint: It's Sushi.

Title: I Love Sushi Song by Hania
Performed by: Hania

Post Date: February 24th 2013