Date:August 07, 2009

I'm back, but Parallel Memories still on hold. -_-;

Hey, guys!

I'm back and you thought will continue doing Parallel Memories, right?


Sorry, you thought wrong, if that's the case. =(
I'm exhausted and out of training, so I'll do some follow-up training, by joining the "Sonic Battle Collab".

Logo made by me! (Believe or not) XD

Anyway, click the logo, to check the Newgrounds thread, for further infos.
After this, I will continue Parallel Memories and hopefully finish it this year. lol

Wow, I have so many VA for this. XD
But I still need someone for Jan's Mom, so don't be shy and contact me. ^^
Here are the minimum expectations:

Jan's Mom ---------
Minimum Expectations:
Lady-like, female (lol, except you can voice exactly like a woman)

Here are the people, who are VA several roles:

Male Scientist 1
Male Scientist 2
Female Scientist 1

That's all for the meantime, so have fun watching this neat mashup made by Newbiespud.

Title: Un-Gravitify Electro Remix (Mashup)
Artist: Newbiespud

Post Date: August 07 2009