Date:March 29, 2014

Tamako Love Story - Preview of Theme Song "Principle"

There's a single coming up for the movie "Tamako Love Story" performed by Aya Suzaki.
It will be available on 30th April 2014 for 1,200 円 and will include two songs and their instrumentals.
  1. Principle
  2. Koi No Uta
  3. Principle (instrumental)
  4. Koi No Uta (instrumental)

Date:March 23, 2014

"Crush 40 - 2 Nights 2 Remember" Sneak Peak

You think they are gone? Don't give me that! Crush 40 gave us a preview on their upcoming song and it's absolutely tight!
Check it out!

Title: Crush 40 "2 Nights 2 Remember" Lyric Video (Short ver.)
Made by: Crush40

Date:March 22, 2014

Tamako Love Story - New trailer

Kyoto Animation uploaded a trailer for its upcoming Tamako Market film, Tamako Love Story, recently.

Title: 『たまこラブストーリー』本予告
Made by: Kyoto Animation

Date:March 20, 2014

Ultra Street Fighter 4 - 5th character reveal

For those, who have no awareness of the Street Fighter series, Capcom is making another version of Street Fighter IV. "Ultra Street Fighter 4" is what's it called.

Title: Ultra Street Fighter IV - Decapre Trailer
Posted by: Capcom

Date:March 16, 2014

Mondstein! Flieg und sieg!

I might be a slowpoke as usual, but I've heard from a reliable source that Toei is remaking Sailor Moon.I'm not really the type of guy, who watches this kind of stuff. But it's still worth the mention since it ran during my childhood.

The title (Sailor Moon Crystal), an image and information about the story has been found at Toei Animation's website.
The story will adapt more from the manga as far as I know and Niconico will premiere it worldwide in July.

Date:March 11, 2014

Tewi! Tewi! Tewi! Tewi!

Do you like Touhou?
Do you like screensavers?
If your answer is "yes" to both questions, then I might have the perfect thing.

I introduce you the "Usatei" screensaver.

Maybe you haven't seen the video yet, so here it is.

Title: Touhou - Cool & Create Usatei 2011 PV {1080p}
Made by: Kamen8211E

Date:March 03, 2014

Nintentrix gets a new address

Did you know that with great power comes great responsibility?
Yeah, yeah. That line is very well-known, but you have to admit. It has something to it.

I've decided to switch my website to a ".com" instead of that weird .tk domain. A website actually costs money if you want to make it (seem) more professional.
Anyway it's not that much of a big deal other than the visual appearance. But I've mainly did this for the search engines. My website doesn't seem to appear on any of those.