Date:April 28, 2012

Collab out, something in!

Many days have passed since my last blog post.

I'll keep it short this time, because I'm writing this at 2:25 AM, so expect even more grammar errars.

Since many of my collab entries haven't seen the internet yet, I've decided to smack them all into one flash animation.

 Entropy of Effort

Contains collab entries for Super Something Mortal Fighter mishmash, Mario's Castle Collab 2 and Nintendo VS Sega featuring some random other characters.

Hope you will enjoy it.
By the way, make sure you watch all 3 parts. You'll see why...

Keep an eye on the website. Something BIG is coming soon!

Title: Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra & Puffy - Hazumu Rhythm
Uploaded by: faluti

Post Date: April 28th 2012