Date:July 15, 2010

Bonjour! Back from Paris, Turned 18 and PM-Burst

Hot...Hot...Red Hot Summer...

Paris is a very very very expensive place. X(
Oh, you guys don't know.
I was in France from July 8th to 15th. (That's a week if you can't calculate, lol)
Have you ever been in France before?
If you ever want to buy something there, then expect high prices. I mean 2 € for water?!?!
Gimme a break.
But overall a decent place. Enough things to see. You know, Eiffel Tower, the city, Notre Dame, Gate of Triumph or whatever it is called and many more.

Oh, I am 18 years old now.

Now to the important stuff.
Main topic: Parallel Memories
Now I am serious. I will work on it straight. No exceptions. No distractions. Straight forward Parallel Memories from now on.

And to prove my seriousness, here's a promotion art.

This pic is maybe dead

If you're a NG member, then don't forget to scout this one.
Looks nice right?
Errr? You think, it's too flashy? >_>
Anyway, I'll just leave this here and go back working on Parallel Memories.
Oh, and get some Powerthrist drinks for MENENERGY!!!

Title: Powerthirst
Posted by: PantherCaruso

Post Date: July 15 2010