Date:November 29, 2012

Original content? No Way!

Gah! And once again, my mind is doing weird things again and does whatever it wants.

My interest in history lessons isn't really big, so I doodle while my professor talks about National Socialism. (Adolf's an ass by the way)

And then I drew this disaster. I don't why, but I think, it turned out pretty well. I could make a comic about her, but I have better things to do.
But because I don't want to simply throw it away, I've decided to contact
Claudia-Sierra and asked her, if she's interested in drawing this.

She would do the outline and I would vectorize it afterwards.
Here's the result.

Title: Mandarine Riot
Made by: Claudia-Sierra and me

Why is it called "Mandarine Riot" you ask? Because a mandarine inspired me to draw her hair like that.
My doodle is pretty...ugly compared to Claudia's fantastic art. But hey...
I am no sprite artist for nothing.

Speaking of sprites, I should give myself a punch in the nut and get my things together.

Really. If this keeps up, Parallel Memories and anything flash-related onward will be like the next "Duke Nukem Forever". It will take me forever to get anything released.

A video, just because!
Two, because I'm great!

Title: Athletic Set
Uploaded by: Mowtendoo

Uploaded by: NyannersVA

Post Date: November 29th 2012

Date:November 20, 2012

What the heck happened... might ask.

I don't know, it just posted a picture of a pumpkin and all of the sudden that happened.
Oh well.

Lots of stuff happened (or didn't happened) during the past few weeks.

The WiiU came out in the US, Sonic Adventure 2 got its PC debut, Halloween, some anime stuff like, there's probably more Rozen Maiden coming up or the new Neon Genesis Evangelion movie had been released.
Errrr... what else to tell?

Oh yeah, maybe some flash-related news.

Parallel Memories is frozen as always, but the other project (name in progress) is having [a microscopic amount of] progress.
Why I am doing yet another project and not continue PM is beyond me. You are allowed to hate me at this point.

So, now with that out of way, let me wrap this up with a video that I made.

Oh! Someone drew fanart of Marichu. Thank you very much, Blastimo36!


Title: Fly Away! 
Uploaded by: Yours truly 

Post Date: November 20th 2012