Date:January 17, 2011

Parallel Memories News Update!

[Update 2]

Changed the "Fan-Art" section into "Art" ! Just because. (Adding some random doodles from me)

[Update 1]

Added a "Fan-Art" section! Thanks to crossbone9the9heghog and Claudia-Sierra for contributing.

Time for some updates.

1) Added 4 new screenshots


2) Added the prologue to Episode 1

...And that's it.
I said, it was PM-related, so don't whine about too less release.

But, I can say for sure that the first half of Episode 1 will be released soon. Now really.

Have some Hadokens for the meantime.

Title: sh/f Super Fireball Battle
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Post Date: January 17 2011

Date:January 07, 2011

2010 = Piece 'o crap! 2011 = Time to step it up!

[Update 1]

Maybe it's good to mention this, I will post next week something "Parallel Memories" related.


Animation wise, last year = lacking.
Same with this post.

I have to do SOMETHING! I hope this year's different.
2011! Here I come!

Oh crap! First week of the year already done? Great, I only have 1..2..3...! 51 weeks left!

Also, just ignore the picture below and love the new banner above. Have a fun 2011.

I like the poll results so far. Even though I like Phoenix Wright, the possibility that he will appear is nearly (or even 95,5%-ly sure) zero.
Damn you, Capcom.
Also, Phoenix Wright Fans = Gumshoe and Franziska = Capcom.

Post Date: January 7 2011