Date:February 27, 2009

YAY! More Space!

Okay! As you can see I've got now A LOT of space!
Well, it will come in handy one day. It's simply awesome. XD

It was just the beginning of this update!
The download links are working and I'm currently working on the Download Section.
What should I post there anyway? =P

You could suggest me some animes and I can put the .torrent files then.
I won't post apps, games, roms, hacks maybe, no cracks, no keygens...
Don't want to turn my page into a warehouse. =P

I'll put (starting now) a "Post A Comment" Button! Now you don't have to do those confusing tasks anymore.

A new header is also there, since the blog size has been increased and a new poll has been started.
Those games aren't released yet in Europe. (except SF IV)
I can't play Street Fighter IV on a console, so I have to play it on PC. Lucky that I've got a gamepad. =D

And, no! I've not forgotten the series and flash movies.
In fact, I just finished one! You will now see the first flash movie on my homepage!
Have Fun! =D

Title: Marichu VS Curse-R G-Form (Dragon Ball Style?!?!)
Author: Pkmn2
Sprites: Members of: The Spriter's Resource, The Mystical Forest Zone, Mario Fan Games Galaxy
Sound: DBZ Series, Sonic the Hedgehog Series, etc.
Music: Sonic Riders

Errr...anything else?

Oh since I'm a big anime fan and a Haruhiist, here's an awesome mix from Nico Nico Douga.
(I bet this isn't made by a YouTuber) XD

Title: Yuki, Muon, Sailor Fuku
Artist: Don't know =P (Not written in the description)

Post Date: February 23 2009

Date:February 23, 2009

Curse you, Macromedia!

Damn it! Okay, I've got bad news!

There's this annoying glitch in Flash 8 Professional (Yes, Flash 8 Pro belongs to Macromedia)
Dunno if the newer versions already fixed that, so if you know, please comment this post.
(Click below to post a comment)
The problem is, that if a flash movie extends 10 000 frames, it starts losing the sound syncro.
The music goes crazy after a few frames.
In the timeline it's everything okay.


Currently 10965 frames (still increasing)
Everything is on Stream
Settings: Override everything's settings with MP3 | 56 or 64 kbps | Stereo
Audio themselves: WAV | 44100 Hz | Stereo | 16 Bit

Anyway, because of this, I can't continue Parallel Memories for the meantime.
Oh and yes, I tried asking people. They responded but not really helpful solutions. But it's okay, since it's Newgrounds Forums we're talking about. =P

I'm trying to ask more professional website for this. In the meantime...
Wait and hope. =P

So that's the bad news! =P

The good news is, that I'll post some anime stuff into my space. XD
I'm currently researching how to make download buttons and make files downloadable.
For example:

And I will make some short movies, so that I won't lose my awesomeness. XD
Don't worry, I'll post them in NG one day.

Post Date: February 23 2009