Date:February 20, 2012

High-velocity PC has appeared

I got a new PC, who knew?
Well, I did.

Changing from my old PC to this beast is mind-blowing. It's so fast, that Adobe Flash is literally as fast as a flash. Not to mention other programs, like Word or freaking Windows itself.

Basically, my spakin'-new computer is super, mega, giga, ultra,...

Let's just say, it's:


Now I have no reason NOT to work on Flash animations. It has been a infinite long time since my last one, so it's time to step it up.

Speaking of stepping things up, I tested some games on my new machine. I normally don't play PC games, because I am more the console gamer.
But I am playing Sonic Generations on my PC, does that count as a PC game?

Meh, let's just say that I haven't played any PC-exclusives yet. Period.

I made myself a gameplay video of City Escape and Seaside Hill (both modern act), so check it out. It's also my first time using Adobe After Effects. It's fun.

Title: Sonic Generations Test Gameplay - City Escape (Modern)
Uploaded by: Well, obviously me.

Title: Sonic Generations semi-speedrun - Seaside Hill (Modern)
Uploaded by: Well, obviously me.

Post Date: February 20th 2012