Date:March 29, 2014

Tamako Love Story - Preview of Theme Song "Principle"

There's a single coming up for the movie "Tamako Love Story" performed by Aya Suzaki.
It will be available on 30th April 2014 for 1,200 円 and will include two songs and their instrumentals.
  1. Principle
  2. Koi No Uta
  3. Principle (instrumental)
  4. Koi No Uta (instrumental)

Here's a preview of the song "Principle"

Title: 映画『たまこラブストーリー』主題歌「プリンシプル」試聴動画
Made by: KyoaniChannel

Yes, I like Tamako Market regardless its mediocrity. Here's one of the many great songs from the anime as my final video for this post.

Title: Tamako Market soundtrack - Osenchi Tamako
Posted by: Linebeck


Post Date: 29th March 2014

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