Date:March 16, 2014

Mondstein! Flieg und sieg!

I might be a slowpoke as usual, but I've heard from a reliable source that Toei is remaking Sailor Moon.I'm not really the type of guy, who watches this kind of stuff. But it's still worth the mention since it ran during my childhood.

The title (Sailor Moon Crystal), an image and information about the story has been found at Toei Animation's website.
The story will adapt more from the manga as far as I know and Niconico will premiere it worldwide in July.

I think it will be as decent as the original from the 90s. I hope there's going to be a new version of Moonlight Densetsu. Otherwise a million man children will be very sad.
I might give this a chance and watch it. Sailor Moon was a worldwide phenomenon after all.

For more information, please refer to the article in ANN.

The ending video is slightly relevant to this topic. Have fun!

Title: ソニキュア!オープン・マイハート!
Made by: sasi sage

In case you missed it, I made a Touhou screensaver and posted that on my previous post. Check it out!


Post Date: 16th March 2014

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