Date:February 15, 2014

Mitchie M - My greatest Hatsune Miku producer

It's not a secret that I really like Vocaloid tracks. I've featured them many times in different posts. Simply because they are entertaining and great to listen to. A great thing about Vocaloid is the accessibility.
Everyone with musical talent can use it. Just like an instrument.

One of the producer I adore is Mitchie M.
Mitchie M has this unique style to make Hatsune Miku (or any Vocaloid voice for that matter) sound very natural and realistic. I've used this producer's works for my post endings many times already and it's not unusual. Mitchie M made so many great tracks and some even made into Project Diva F - A rhythm game featuring Vocaloid.

Mitchie M released his very first album called 'The Greatest Idol'. It contains 13 of his greatest songs yet and in order to prove that, he made a trailer. Please check it out and support this fantastic person!

Title: 【Mitchie M feat.初音ミク】グレイテスト・アイドル【アルバム試聴動画】'Greatest Idol'
Made by: Mitchie M

Get the album at
Play-asia today!

You might think that I'm shamelessly advertising him to get more money for him, but since we are very poor sacks, here's something for free.

Title: まりなチャンは呪われてしまった!COOKIE Disco
Made by: NamaCream777

But since this IS a post about Mitchie M, here's his most recent uploaded video.

Title: 【第12回MMD杯本選】初音ミク『Believe (ver.HD)』MV【フェイ・イェンHD】
Made by: Mitchie M

Damn, such talent must be supported!


Post Date: 15th February 2014

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