Date:May 06, 2012

Parallel Memories: The Kickstart

The time has come!
It's the premiere of a brand new sprite series. After 2 years of planning, I present you...


Title: Parallel Memories: Episode 1-1
Subtitle: The Beginning
Producer: Pkmn2
Writer and Producer's Assistant: Ran-Cossack
Voice Actors/Actresses: Rina-Chan, Omahdon
Sprites/Sound/Music: Various (Giving credit to everyone for everything)

I want to thank all my past and future fans. It wouldn't be possible to make this without your support. Thanks a million.
Make sure to leave a comment and vote fairly in Newgrounds.
And in case, you missed last week's update.


Title: The Effort that has been lost
Author: Pkmn2
Sprites/Sound/Music: Various (Giving everyone for anything)

Contains collab entries for Super Something Mortal Fighter mishmash, Mario's Castle Collab 2 and Nintendo VS Sega featuring some random other characters.

I'm beat. I planned to start Parallel Memories: Episode 1-2 next week, but we'll see...
Reposting last week's video, because it's catchy as hell.

Title: Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra & Puffy - Hazumu Rhythm
Uploaded by: faluti

Aaaand I made another Sonic Generations video.

Title: Sonic Generations No Boost/Ring Challenge (Rooftop Run)
Uploaded by: Pkmn2

Post Date: May 06th 2012

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