Date:May 20, 2012

Gonna beat the devil someday

Hehe, you guys said I should do Parallel Memories Episode 1-2. Instead I got Diablo III. Sorry about that, guys. People beat me to it.

Hold your horses, man.
I know that the game is working now, so jeez... Calm down!

So...Is it worth the sixty Euros?

Meh... I would rather spend it on PSO2, but it's a Free-MMO as far as I can tell.
Back to el Diablo. It's a simple game IMO. I know, why so many people were hyped for the game. It was kinda same with Marvel VS Capcom 3. Many years has passed since the last installment.

Just to let you, I never played any Diablo before. I never played an MMO, that actually costs money before. WoW, Ragnarok Online, Elsword and Spiral Knights were the only MMOs I played since they cost me none. I stopped midway because the games were really really repetitive.
You're probably thinking: "Then why did you buy D3? It seems, you hate RPGs."
The answer: "90% I know will probably get this game, so why not?"
It's a stupid reason, I know. It's probably the first and last Blizzard game for me. Don't ask me. Simply because.

Oh, I bought "Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2". Now that's a game I'm more interested in.
It's a huge improvement to its predecessor. The music still has those nyanyanyan-Instruments, but I can tolerate that. Gameplay improved a lot. It felt more...Sonic-ish? Those tag-moves where pretty cool too. It would have been cool though, if the flight mode in co-op was more similar to Sonic 3.
You know? If Tails flies and you jump to him, you will grab his arms you both fly together.

Speaking of the cooperative mode... Oh my god. My sister and I had so much fun and rage at the same time. Try playing Sky Fortress Zone in Co-op. It's unbelievably harder that way. Overall, it's a much better game than STH4:Ep1. I can't wait for Episode 3.

Episode Metal is a nice addition too. It's a small bonus for the people who bought Episode 1. It basically connects the story for Sonic CD, Sonic 4 Episode 1 and 2.
Gameplay-wise nothing much has changed, which is unfortunate. I would like to see some unique moves from Metal.

...Speaking of episodes. I started with Parallel Memories: Episode 2 and planned, which sprites I need.
Zero actual progress yet.

Reposting Parallel Memories: Episode 1-1 for the guys, who missed it.

Title: Parallel Memories: Episode 1-1
Subtitle: The Beginning
Producer: Pkmn2
Writer and Producer's Assistant: Ran-Cossack
Voice Actors/Actresses: Rina-Chan, Omahdon
Sprites/Sound/Music: Various (Giving credit to everyone for everything)

Post Date: May 20th 2012

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