Date:May 12, 2012

Parallel Memories: Ep 1-1 Analysis

A week has past since I posted Parallel Memories: Episode 1-1 on Newgrounds.

I haven't got many reviews yet, but I've learned a lot from those.
I'll just list the flaws I made in Episode 1-1.

Numbah 1: My Voice Acting

Yeah, it sucks. Sucks HARD! What did you expect from a beginner though? I can't be good at everything.
However... There's always space for improvement and I have a lot of space free.
Everyone else did a great job (Yes, even you Mr. Sensible Psychopath)

Nummer 2: Scenes dragged too long

A few people complained about a few scenes that dragged way too long than it should be. Hmmm...
I'm still new at this storytelling stuff, so I have no experience to that. Yeahhh, watching endless many animes and playing endless many videogames should actually influence me.

Act 3: Action scene unnecessary(?)

This one actually surprised me and led me to the following question:
Which target audience am I actually aiming?
The action-hungry bunch or the story-interested crowd.
Well, the answer is sort of simple. Both.
I'll try my best to balance it through out the series.

By the way, the junkyard scene was simply there to:

A) Make fun of most the fighting-based animations on Newgrounds.
b) Showcase my animation skills in an action-based scene.
C) ...I don't know. I just felt like doing it. It wasn't even planned in the first place.

Final: Fast-Forward/Reverse is too low. Increase the frame jumping.

An easy issue to fix. I'll get to that.

So, is episode 1-1 a success or a flop? I don't know.
Personally, just publishing episode 1-1 is a success for me. It makes me feel, that I've accomplished something great.
And once again, I want to thank all the people for watching and/or contributing.

For those who have no idea what I am talking about, here's a link.


Title: Parallel Memories: Episode 1-1
Subtitle: The Beginning
Producer: Pkmn2
Writer and Producer's Assistant: Ran-Cossack
Voice Actors/Actresses: Rina-Chan, Omahdon
Sprites/Sound/Music: Various (Giving credit to everyone for everything)

Post Date: May 12th 2012

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