Date:December 12, 2008

Parallel Memories

This is the "Parallel Memories" Section!

Everything about the production, informations about the characters, general infos and maybe small previews can be found here.
Questions and Answers are here to found)

Episodes Listing

Episode 0: The Teaser
Episode 1: The Beginning

The current team members

Pkmn2 (Ultra Director, Animator, semi-advanced Voice Actor)
Ran-Cossack (Rewriter, semi-advanced Voice Actor)
Rina Chan (High-advanced Voice Actress =
(High-advanced Voice Actor =D)
Corsarou (Manga Drawer, Semi-advanced Voice Actor)
VaughnJohnson2000 (semi-advanced Voice Actor)

  • Executive Producer: Pkmn2
  • Animator: Pkmn2
  • Character Design: Pkmn2
  • Storyline: Pkmn2
  • Storyline Refinement: Ran-Cossack
  • Dialog: Pkmn2
  • Dialog Refinement: Ran-Cossack
  • Sound Director and Editor: Pkmn2
  • Pkmn2 as Marichu
  • Ran-Cossack as Psypher
  • Rina Chan as May
  • Omahdon as Jan
  • Corsarou as Robotto
  • VaughnJohnson2000 as the main villain (name not yet announced in public ^^)
Promotion Art

This pic is maybe dead


  1. i hope episode 1 comes out soon, it looks awesome!!!

  2. im joshua181 from Newgrounds!!! remember me, Pkmn2? i added you to my fav Flash artists back last year! i know your a bit delayed... D: but still! i liked the pic on your post on NG.