Date:December 12, 2008

First Post

Well, don't expect much here XD

Welcome to my spot.

This is now my official Homepage.

All my movies are going to be here (only infos and screenshots, movie itself still in Newgrounds)
But that's not all...
Previews, Beta stuff and so on are also here to found.

I don't like the forums in Newgrounds much.

They are always so... strange.
And I always wanted to have my own "website".
Oh and some random things are also gonna be here.

Okay not really "random", mostly anime, mangas or reviews about certain things too.

For my first post, I gonna tell you more about "Parallel Memories", my most recent project!

No... I'm not gonna tell anything about it yet. This is "staff" for the meantime:
  • Executive Producer: Pkmn2
  • Storyline: Pkmn2
  • Storyline Refinement: Ran-Cossack
  • Dialogue: Pkmn2
  • Dialogue Refinement: Ran-Cossack
  • Sound Director and Editor: Pkmn2
  • Animator: Pkmn2
  • Character Design: Pkmn2
  • Pkmn2 as Marichu
  • Ran-Cossack as Psypher
  • Rina Chan as May
We are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year!!!.... Just joking.xD
Our progress are currently very slow but hey, Rome wasn't build in a day, right?

Anyways, thanks if you would like to help me with the animating and such, but that is my job. I want to improve my animating and editing skills, but thanks for those who may offer any way.

But if you are interested in voice acting, we are accepting auditions. You don't have to be a trained professional, either.(Cossack and I are doing voice acting for the first time ourselves, after all.)

We will (Mostly) have roles available, so don't be shy and email me if you like.

We currently need:
  • Elder (male, everything else is irrelevant. You should at least sound like an old man)
  • Male Scientist 1
  • Male Scientist 2
  • Female Scientist
We originally planned to have them played by myself(Pkmn2), Ran Cossack, and Rina Chan, but you can still audition for one of the roles, if you like. Thats all the positions available for now, though.

LOL, for a first post, I've actually written quite alot! =D If you read this to the end, thank you very much for your time and attention.

Post Date: December 9 2008

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