Date:January 04, 2008

Questions And Anwsers


1) What is "Parallel Memories"?
It's my most recent project and best work yet. It's a series, inspired by many videogames and animes.
Parallel Memories contains action, comedy, future, fiction, reality...
well... Parallel Memories actually got every genre except adult-content.

2) What is it about?
Here's an introduction:
A boy is captured by a group of scientists, bent on using him as their Human guinea pig, for their greatest experiment yet... A device to allow Human beings the chance to experience something that many thought impossible... The ability to jump into a video game or anime, to see and experience it all with their own two eyes. However, to achieve such a thing, certain... "Sacrifices" had to be made, to allow Humans to travel into the world of a video game and anime. The device would alter the Human subjects data, and convert it into a suitable format to travel into the game or anime itself, but to do that, they would have to first create subjects that would be compatible for the transfer, and since this device was made to work solely on HUMANS, they would have to use that very thing to experiment on, such as the poor boy they had most recently captured... His code name: Marichu. Yet another victim to their hideous, inhuman experiments...

(Thanks to Ran-Cossack for the Refinement)

3) Can I help you out with the animation?
Thanks if you would like to help me with the animating and such, but that is my job.
I want to improve my animating and editing skills, but thanks anyway.

4) How can I help you?
You can either promote my project (please contact me first)
do voice-acting (free roles can be found down here)

5) How can I contact you?
Please see the "Contact" Section.

6) Can you tell me where I can found -insert sprite name here-?
Custom sprites cannot be found anywhere.
Original sprites are listed in the credits after an episode.

7) What's the name of -insert music track here-?
Can be found here in the certain episode.

8) When does xy episode come out?
No idea. Anyday!
Don't bother me with e-mails about this one.
Let's say: not longer than a year.

9) Why does it take it so long?
Maybe too busy with real life!?!?

10) What are you doing if your series are on YouTube, etc.?
Gonna blast them away! Na, just joking XD!

That's all! Any other questions, please contact me (Pkmn2).