Date:January 05, 2008

Episode 1: The Beginning


: 57%
Current Runtime: +30 minutes

Episode 1 may be split into 2 parts due to filesize limit in Newgrounds.
For the meantime:

Part 1: Complete (YouTube Version)
Part 2: Work-In-Progress



A boy is captured by a group of scientists, bent on using him as their Human guinea pig, for their greatest experiment yet. A device to allow Human beings the chance to experience something that many thought impossible which is the ability to jump into a video game or anime, to see and experience it all with their own two eyes.

However, to achieve such a thing, certain... "Sacrifices" had to be made, to allow humans to travel into the world of a video game or anime. The device would alter the human subjects data, and convert it into a suitable format to travel into the game or anime itself, but to do that, they would have to first create subjects that would be compatible for the transfer, and since this device was made to work solely on HUMANS, they would have to use that very thing to experiment on, such as the poor boy they had most recently captured
His code name: Project: Thunder *Z*. Yet another victim to their hideous, inhuman experiments…

But luck shined down on this individual, while in the midst of being experimented on, a stray bolt of lightning struck the very lab Marichu was being worked on, causing disastrous results for the scientists, by sending Marichu to the very place their device was meant to send human beings into the world of Video Games and Anime, though where exactly, the scientists had no way of knowing, their instruments damaged by the lightning strike, leaving them with no way of tracking Marichu's location.

To be continued...

(Brown marked are already given)
Jan's Mom ---------
Minimum Expectations:
Lady-like, female (lol, except you can voice exactly like a woman)

Male Scientist 1

Male Scientist 2

Female Scientist 1





  1. wow your makeng a story series awesome il be waiting :D

  2. When will the series be made?

  3. I've been working on it for a very long time. I'm trying my best to finish it ASAP.

  4. when will be the exact release?

  5. Exact...>_>
    Exact-ish Q3 2010. =3

    Sorry, exact deadlines aren't reliable for me.
    Thanks to school. ;_;

  6. Are all of those characters (other than marichu) yours or are they other people's?

  7. All are made (edited) by me.
    So, yeah.
    They are basically my characters.

  8. Why not just submit part 1 already?

  9. Problem is. I'm not sure if want.
    I want to release the whole thing.

    Also: "Episode 1 may be split into 2 parts"
    Maybe, not 100% sure.

    So, please don't hurt me but good things takes its time.

  10. pm me at

  11. Cant wait To see it.
    Its awesome how when its realsed its not a crappy 4 freakin minutes like most others. And it be awesome on dvd cause there like half a hour. So it be awesome to see it on dvd on newgrounds or something. I would buy if the series is good.
    I hope its goes good.

  12. I think, I would be in an never-ending timespan of pain and suffer, if I make profit from my series. >_>

    In other words, the law would rip my butt into shreds, if I sell this.