Date:June 25, 2014

1st Life Action Lupin the Third in 4 decades

Remember the famous master thief Lupin the 3rd?
If you don't, then let me give me a brief introduction.

The very first Lupin III manga appeared on August 10, 1967 and it spawned a whole bunch of other stuff like the anime, video games, movies and more due to its popularity.
Even today Lupin the 3rd is one of the most recognizable anime characters in Japan. Even whole Asia since anyone I know from the Philippines knows that the great Arsène Lupin III.

Anyway, it felt like ages since "Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine" run in 2012 and now a life action movie is coming soon to the Japanese movie theaters.
I'll keep my mouth shut and just enjoy the newest trailer of the upcoming movie "Lupin the 3rd"

Title: 「ルパン三世」予告
Uploaded by: 東宝MOVIEチャンネル

You heard the theme song of the movie, right?
Well, guess what. Hotei himself is performing this one. You might know him best for his song "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" from Kill Bill. Not sure if he's doing more, but you have to admit that the theme song is absolutely stunning.

Lupin the 3rd will be at the theaters on August 30th.

Darn, I still have to rewatch the series AND watch all the movies.
There are so many movies and specials, it's truly amazing.

For last I have something semi-related to today's post. It has the "police" in it, so why the heck not?

Title: Gaki No Tsukai - Police - Epic Stare Down
Uploaded by: GakiVids


Post Date: 25th June 2014

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