Date:May 10, 2014

Wii U finally makes some use of the NFC tech

Nintendo has decided to approach something that they should have done with Activision to begin with.
The Big N are planning to make figurines that would be compatible with future games, which supports NFC technology.
It's the same what Disney's Infinity, Skylanders or Pokemon Rumble U does.

The WiiU gamepad has a built-in NFC sensor, so this makes an extra peripheral obsolete. For 3DS, they will have to purchase an extra gadget to make this work.

No games have announced the support of these figurines yet, but imagine this thing with Super Smash Brothers. You can buy new characters and has something to display on your dusty shelf.
I'm not of those guys who bluntly hates purchasable DLCs. If it's something that expands the game, then I mostly accept it.
Mario Golf has this season pass thing, but the main game is already so full of content. It IS really optional.
I more hate Nintendo for removing the RPG element from the recent Mario Tennis/Golf games.

Either way, let's wait for this year's E3. I bet it will be as lackluster as last year, so I have no high hopes for that.

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Post Date: 10th May 2014

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