Date:December 24, 2012


Merry Christmas and (a Happy New Year) to all of you!

Title: Hatsune Miku - Snow Song Show
Uploaded by: vgperson

Incredible! Another year of christmas or whatever you celebrate! I don't know what to say besides the traditional holiday greetings to you all.
I also wish you happy next year to everyone too.

So, what's the plan for next year?
The heck I know! I'm getting older and probably finish college next year. I dunno what to do after school.
I'll still do some sprite animations, that's for sure. I don't wanna lose my only hobby.
I want to thank my fanbase, because without you guys, I probably just sit in front of the pc doing nothing.

I can probably sum the whole next year up with 3-4 simple terms.
Sprite animation, watching more anime, playing more videogames, being a sucker in life.

And again, happy holidays and I wish a pleasant new year.
Let me end this year with one last video. (besides the one at the top that is)

Yuki Nagato, you're up!
Rock the house, Minorin!

Title: Animax Musix Fall 2011 - 茅原実里 - Paradise Lost
Uploaded by: 分身 影

Oh and a little bonus from my idol animator, ZONE!

Title: ZTV News Short: Christmas 2012
Animation by: ZONE-SAMA
Writing by: BennettTheSage

=========================  Post Date: December 24th 2012

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