Date:December 20, 2012

A Cruel Pkmn2's Thesis

[EDIT 1]
Kamen Rider W has been postponed to tomorrow.  You know, when the world end.

Guess who watched Neon Genesis Evangelion? I did.
Did I enjoy it? Errrr...
Did I understand the plot? Errr....

I have here the perfect video that shows, what my brain was processing after watching the series and the movie "End Of Evangelion".

And this video shows a certain reaction to a certain scene, which certainly WAS NOT pleasant AT ALL!

And this video (probably) shows Ran-Cossack's opinion to the series. We watched it together, by the way.

Oh and before I end here, the world ends tomorrow! Yay!

 Post Date: 20.12.2012

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