Date:February 15, 2020

Life update? Who cares! :D

Incredible. What a wasteland this place has become.

Hi, everyone. If anyone still visits this website, you have my most upmost respect.
I don't even know where to begin.
The reason why I am writing here after so many years of silence is because I'm feeling rather down lately. Perhaps leaving this post will make me feel better and laugh at myself in the future.

First and foremost. Here are some updates to yours truly.

Sprites work.
None. Haven't touched anything for the last 3 years. Not even just for fun. It's also exactly the time when I started to pretend that everything is gonna be alright. Someone once told me that "I'm looking at the world with some tinted glasses" and never understood it.
Well, let's just say that once those busted glassed dropped, I found my world already in ruins.

I like to visit once and while. Like every 3-4 months. I stopped being a supporter though.
I am stunned to see that I've got a few more fans over the years.
If I remember correctly and I used ads in my flicks. I basically returned all of it to Newgrounds as a donation.
My active participation is practically as dead as my recently deceased family member. May her soul rest in peace.

I play regularly Super Smash Brothers Ultimate on my hacked Switch.
Got me a Dreamcast during my visit in Japan. Kudos to my good friend, who joined through the adventure. Basically want to thank my few true friends at this point.

Yeah, I still watch 'em. The newest one would be this Fire Fighter anime.
My heart dropped after I watched the movie "A Silent Voice"
I wish I had more time to watch, but having a full-time job as a sysadmin for a cinema branch has its priorities.

I'll just stop here. This is 2020 and noone is reading through this crap. tl;dr Pkmn2/Pienkaito is all depressed and shiz.

Memo to future me:
I got in this state, because my thirst ass can't contain it. You should chill and enjoy life like your arch-rival told you too. If you're 30 now and still can't manage to get a girl, then you have to give into the madness and start spriting again.

You remember this, do you?

Title: Planet Explosion
Uploaded by: Cooliodafabio1


Post Date: 15th Feb 2020

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