Date:September 11, 2012

The Beginning's End!

Urgh! Summer ends and school begins once again!
However this is my final year. I don't know what will happen after this. Maybe me in an university? Who knows...

Anyway, it has been awhile since my last post. I've said that several times already, jeez.
I'm gonna work on some new flash again. No, I haven't totally given up on Parallel Memories. In fact, the next one is very PM-related. I'll use the whole hero cast in my next animation.
"Why the hell won't you just do part 2 already? The series is taking way too long and fans are getting annoyed."
Well, I don't see that happen.
I hope you people understand anyway.

Do I have anything else worth mentioning?

I love the Sonic Generations Hacking Community and Phoenix Wright's movie is really great.

Oh, 9/11. I'm not american but it's still worth the mention.

Title: Sonic Generations Aero Garden Modern Speed Run
Speedrun by: KAKIPI1000

Post Date: September 11th 2012

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