Date:April 07, 2011

I give up on H-games

Too much loli. Never thought that making H-games was so....
Oh well. I guess, I'll do sprite animations instead.

Where to start...

I found this "Parallel Memories: Episode 1" and "Super King Of Street Kombat" folders on my PC and a text file with the title "LOL Runner: Ideas".
Super King Of Street Kombat?
What a wierd name.
Oh god, I totally forgot about this one.
Back to work.

By the way, the BGM that played during the 1st April week was this.
But don't bother finding the full version. There's none.

I've also heard a few complains, that ZONE's flash with Horo (Horo, Koro, what's the deal) won't start.
Well, dunno what you guys are saying. Works fine for me.
You're the best, ZONE.

Title: Kangoku Senkan - Prison Battleship OP / PIXY
Posted By: Fohlken

Post Date: April 7th 2011

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  1. People told you it won't start because of how you posted a PREVIEW which only shows the menu. You should have mentioned that if you didn't want the confusion.