Date:February 23, 2009

Curse you, Macromedia!

Damn it! Okay, I've got bad news!

There's this annoying glitch in Flash 8 Professional (Yes, Flash 8 Pro belongs to Macromedia)
Dunno if the newer versions already fixed that, so if you know, please comment this post.
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The problem is, that if a flash movie extends 10 000 frames, it starts losing the sound syncro.
The music goes crazy after a few frames.
In the timeline it's everything okay.


Currently 10965 frames (still increasing)
Everything is on Stream
Settings: Override everything's settings with MP3 | 56 or 64 kbps | Stereo
Audio themselves: WAV | 44100 Hz | Stereo | 16 Bit

Anyway, because of this, I can't continue Parallel Memories for the meantime.
Oh and yes, I tried asking people. They responded but not really helpful solutions. But it's okay, since it's Newgrounds Forums we're talking about. =P

I'm trying to ask more professional website for this. In the meantime...
Wait and hope. =P

So that's the bad news! =P

The good news is, that I'll post some anime stuff into my space. XD
I'm currently researching how to make download buttons and make files downloadable.
For example:

And I will make some short movies, so that I won't lose my awesomeness. XD
Don't worry, I'll post them in NG one day.

Post Date: February 23 2009

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