Date:March 20, 2014

Ultra Street Fighter 4 - 5th character reveal

For those, who have no awareness of the Street Fighter series, Capcom is making another version of Street Fighter IV. "Ultra Street Fighter 4" is what's it called.

Title: Ultra Street Fighter IV - Decapre Trailer
Posted by: Capcom

Besides the many character tweaks, Ultra Street Fighter 4 gives you the option to choose which version of SF4 you want to fight as.
Be it vanilla SF4, Super SF4 or Super SF4: Arcade Edition.
It's obviously not available in Ranked matches, because that would be totally unfair bull feces.

Ultra SF4 also has 5 additional characters to boot. I would be lying if I said "new", now would I?
The characters are Rolento, Poison, Hugo, Elena and Decapre.
I'm normally up for new versions of game, if it offers new content. But bite me if I say that 4/5th of the characters are obviously taken from other games. I'm talking about "Street Fighter X Tekken" here. A very okay game, that gets shit on by the majority.

The last mentioned character "Decapre" is an evil version of Cammy from the looks of it. The underwhelming reaction from the FGC was hilarious. Everyone expected it and so did I.
I've heard that she's going to be a charge character, simiar to the likes of E. Honda or Guile.

Am I going to get Ultra SF4? Not at launch that's for sure. Sheesh Capcom, if you want to whore out a game at least do it with Marvel VS Capcom 3.
Screw Marvel for being such a pain in the neck regarding licenses.

This video shall conclude this lengthy post.

Title: USF4
Made by: sohoshuffle

Capcom, please don't sell USF4 at full retail price...


Post Date: 20th March 2014

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